Artists (A-Z)

Aisha Altenhofen, b. 1997, Siegburg

Aisha Altenhofen is currently studying Fine Arts at University of Arts Berlin and works with images, words and her background in anthropology & visual history.

Can Yıldırım, b. 1995, Istanbul

Can Yıldırım expands upon the often overlooked and both externally and internally suppressed undercurrents that shape, guide, intersect and enable human experience. Through careful and playful examination and by utilizing a wide spectrum of media, disciplines and modes of operation, he aims to nod at and dissect the very thick present the life unfolds itself in order to reach to temporal pockets of meaning and semi-resolution.

Cem Örgen, b. 1996, Istanbul

Cem Örgen graduated from Bilgi University, Department of Industrial Design. His works can be related to moral nausea that aligns, lowers, glorifies industrial forms their use, and out of use-values to work with space and its surroundings.

Defne Cemal, b. 1997, Istanbul

Defne Cemal explores the ways in which visual information is perceived through an examination of surfaces. The images she creates operate closely to material reality, while evoking digitized environments through simplification of dimension, pattern, color and shape. Making connections between natural and man-made environments, she seeks to examine issues tied to larger structures, often leading her subjects to further conceal rather than reveal information.

Hannah Tharann, b. 1996, Balingen

Hannah Tharann is studying Fine Arts at the University of Arts Berlin. Her painting is predominantly figurative. The recognizable elements play a central role, but are constantly looking for a dissolving and irritating moment. Individual concrete parts reassemble on the canvas and want to be more than a still image. Thus, ideas that are partly material and partly intangible become visible in their own visual language.

Julia Jesionek, b. 1998, Gifhorn

Julia Jesionek is currently a student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where she started out working with photography and video art but quickly discovered her interest in animated drawings and painting. Her work mainly focuses on the topics of body and sexuality as well as associative, stream-of consciousness storytelling that is often derived from personal experience.

Laura Welker, b. 1985, Amsterdam

Laura Welker is an Artist and Designer. She lives and works in Berlin in her studio where she mainly produces her collection of ceramic candle holders and candles. She started to set up a gym and hosts a weekly training schedule for artists and creatives in the community. Within this ‚Gym’ project she is producing different weight sculptures that can be used in performative group training sessions, casted in iron in variabel weight ranges.

Malte Zenses, b. 1987, Solingen

Malte Zenses’ paintings and sculptures expand the vocabulary of abstract painting and new realism by pointedly integrating the zeitgeist of his generation through autobiographical fragments. His inspiration often begins with a memory, a place or a snapshot. Rather than implementing his own story through known codes, he educes the viewers own memories while capturing the spirit of our ceaseless journey between the digital and the analogue.

Marco Reichert, b. 1979, Berlin

Marco Reichert is an abstract painter who is challenging our ideas of what contemporary art is by using traditional painting techniques in conjunction with experimental “painting machines” to create multilayered artworks. Reichert’s work is reflective of today’s society, a society that is increasingly dominated by computers and technology.

Paris Giachoustidis, b. 1990, Serres

Paris Giachoustidis is a greek artist who studied at Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. In his artistic practice he often transforms historic and contemporary motifs into realistic drawings and paintings. Many of his works are based on external content from the Internet- historical recordings from image databases or private photographs from social media.

Pınar Kayar, b. 1994, Istanbul

Pınar Kayar’s practice focuses on the situation of life. Endeavoring an open invitation on how life destroys in order to rebuild or devise an exit - access through. Her work inquires to reveal-investigate the dialogue in between materiality of the found imagery, system of language, object/human behavior, everyday influences and rituals as well as treating the concept of the medium itself as a ‘medium’.

Pınar Marul, b. 1993, Izmir

Pınar Marul searches for different possibilities of vitality. She graduated 2017 from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul, department of sculpture and creates organic shapes with artificial substances as well as irritates by visualizing fluidity with solid material. Coming from an education that mainly focusses on sculpturing she reinvents the traditional discipline by involving the objects environment and pushing it to its’ limits.

Selin Ünsel, b. 1997, Istanbul

Selin Ünsel is a visual artist who follows her imaginary world with analog photography, video, and a mixture of both. Being inspired from adventures and experiences, she takes her main inspiration from time. Her journey began through analog photography, followed with videography. They have now become a reflection of her inner observations.

Tom Król, b. 1991, Köln

Tom Król studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles. In his painterly works Król deals with the aesthetic of everyday life, signs, gestures and symbols. His paintings open up questions about the interfaces of painterly discourses, space and human resources such as creativity, solidarity and friendship.

Victoria Pidust, b. 1992, Nikopol

Victoria Pidust is a Ukrainian artist who studied Visual Communication and Painting at Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. Her photography, which has to be interpreted as nonphotography, takes 2D photographic images and puts them into a 3D imaging software that architects use: the software tries to reinterpret the 2D as a three dimensional space what creates weird distortions and glitches.

Volo Bevza, b. 1993, Kiev

Volo Bevza studied theatre design at Kyiv Academy of Fine Arts, then painting at Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin. Bevza is concerned with the ubiquitousness of the Internet and its effect on our daily lives. Bevza´s focus is on the relevance of panel painting in the post-digital age. The transformation from the real to the digital and nally into the analog painting leads multiple connotations of the painterly result. This demonstrates the unique potential of intertwining digital, computer-generated art with the painter´s own handwriting.

Zek Hodges, b. 1994, Key West, FL, USA

Working mostly in series of drawing or paintings, Zek Hodges investigates the role of representation, craft, and image-making as a whole through meticulous rendering of otherwise insignificant found images.